Choosing a Scientific Journal for Your Paper

Each submission of your manuscript to a single scientific journal can take hours of your time. You need to tailor the manuscript to the journal’s guidelines (adjust word count, number of references)…


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Beneath the Fog

Deadly Games

Cole James could feel his fingers cramping as they struggled to hold his body weight.

“How much longer?!” he yelled up to his friends.

Eva Green peered over the edge and instantly felt butterflies fluttering in her stomach, she couldn’t see much past the fog, but she could tell it was a long way down, “Hang in there, champ. Two more minutes.”

Two minutes??? Cole thought to himself. How in the hell was he going to hang on for two more minutes? He could feel his fingers slipping. His strength draining by the second.

“How much time now?” he asked as a bead of sweat dripped down his face. His fingers were starting to sweat too. He was genuinely nervous.

“Quit asking. You’re only making it worse for yourself,” said Finn Abrams.

Cole’s fingers slipped a little and his heart skipped a beat. Surely his friends wouldn’t let him die? They’d catch his wrists before he fell. Wouldn’t they? Suddenly he wasn’t so sure. He could barely hear the sounds of the city below with all the wind rushing by. Luckily, with his body pressed firmly against the building, the wind wasn’t much of a problem.

“Thirty seconds,” Eva announced.

“Dig deep,” Finn said with encouragement.

Cole’s forearms were beginning to ache. He searched within himself for any energy reserves and found none. He was tapped out. His body told him to let go, but his mind screamed for him to cling to life. To fight the fatigue and hang on with what little he had left.

“Ten, nine, eight…” Eva counted down “...Two, one.”

Cole tried pulling himself up but he couldn’t. He didn’t have the strength, and he slipped.

Finn lurched forward and grabbed his friend before he plunged to his death below. He yanked him by the wrists, scraping Cole’s stomach across the lip of the building’s edge as he pulled him to safety.

“Who’s next?” Finn asked, smiling as they descended the stairs to get down from the roof of the building to continue their game.

“This is so dumb,” Eva said as she ran a hand through her hair. A nervous tick of hers. They were standing inside a mall with a good amount of…

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