What data is in simple words

In the field of analysis, many analysts are stocked of what to do based on the knowledge gap of the dataset made available to solve the problem. I will be discussing some of the best practices of a…


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Outsourcing Adulthood

Can you ever really grow up if you don’t do anything for yourself?

By Maureen O’Connor

I live two blocks from the nearest grocery, but sometimes months pass between my visits. During those times, I rely on Amazon Fresh for my weekly supply of eggs, paper towels, and Diet Coke. When I scroll through Amazon’s virtual grocery store on my phone, I tell my boyfriend I’m “making a grocery list,” encouraging him to believe the tote bags hanging by my front door are functional. In truth, my groceries come packaged in enough cardboard to trigger weekly guilt spirals about deforestation. (A box the size of an ottoman once contained a single onion.) Who knew that the defining feature of my generation would be our ability to break down cardboard boxes? We are masters of reverse cardboard origami, a side effect of entering adulthood at the dawn of a radical new age of convenience.

For we are living at a time of unprecedented convenience. Any chore can be outsourced: FlyCleaners for laundry, Uber for driving, TaskRabbit for, well, anything. Takl encourages users to “tackle” chores by dividing them into a million tiny tasks that can be outsourced…

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