Is Getting An MBA Degree A Good Idea?

When you scratch the surface of the apparent exclusive benefits of MBA programs you may discover that all that glitters is not gold… But when it comes to analyze your education investment, you should…


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What Gear Does Wedding Photography Legend Bambi Cantrell Use?

To get a better idea of how Bambi captures those stunning photos, take a look at what she keeps in her gear bag.

BAMBI: These days, I photograph many families, children, and women wanting a beautiful portrait of themselves. When it comes to my gear, I keep it simple. Give me a great camera, a couple of perfect lenses, and simple lighting and I am good to go.

Why do I use what I do? The answer is simple. I need reliability and Nikon never lets me down. I absolutely love the large file size (the Z7 produces a 45.7 meg file!) and I need a quick focus that is accurate.

Editing my images is a snap using Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and plugins like Alien Skin. I offer a variety of albums for portraits and really find the Smart Album software a delight to use.

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