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What is best than a holiday trip?

Travel Series

You get to experience these festive days in different ways!

Now that Christmas and New Year’s Eve are coming, let’s talk about holiday journeys! For the majority, people like to take some time off these specific days to have a fresh and revamped upcoming year.

Some may say that’s it’s the worst time of the year to travel because of the elevated expenses and the overflow of tourists but you have to understand that these are experienced travelers. I have many friends who have the chance to make a trip at any given moment, but for the mortals like me, the perfect time is the holidays.

I live in a rather cold environment in Mexico and we have gone, for many years, to a tropical place to keep up with the warmth. It has always been a pleasant time and you can see so many great new attractions for the holidays. Everyone celebrates them their own way and even the decorations can be prioritized differently.

I still remember once when we were talking about the holidays in class and I mentioned that my family and I go to a beach. Almost everyone was astonished because they said that how could I celebrate Christmas in a tropical environment? Well, we don’t even have snow so let’s go! 😅

And what’s best than to appreciate New Years’ amazing firework show right at the beach! This was a wonderful experience. I don't know if you also have this tradition, but grapes are a must. You have 12 grapes which represent wishes for the next year.

So there you had us sitting at the beach, eating our grapes, and gazing up at the lighted sky. I was really grateful to be there at that moment with my loved ones. The weather was perfect and yes there were tons of people at the shore but it was all so joyful. I don’t know why, in the past few years, I have been so emotional at the end of each year. Here goes to the past adventures and to the

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