My First Week At Lambda School.

Data science has always been interesting to me way before I even knew what it was. Finding the most effective strategy to a game or the most efficient route on a trip; these are all problems that can…


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How Broken is my Soul?

A Poem

How broken is the poet?
Does the poet speak in tongues,
because the language people speak
he cannot comprehend,
nor communication’s intricacies decode.
The little innuendoes.

What language is this the one I speak,
is it the one of love or fear?
Do I use confabulated words
to hide secrets, I am afraid of
but I must let out of my chest,
like a confession to a secret priest, hiding.

How broken is my soul?
That I hide behind dark spaces,
trying to cover up the light
that emanates from in-between time.
Moments where happiness and excitement
were intuited.

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