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We had experienced an emotionally exhausting few days. With everyone sharing their end-of-summer wishes and then writing about their newly discovered powers, I was plum tuckered out. “That’s good,” I…


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Warm Christmas with Cotton Court

Cotton Court Business Centre is once again inviting members of the local business community to come to the aid of disadvantaged young people in the county.

Each year the business hub launches its Christmas Gift Appeal in aid of Barnardo’s, and the 400+ disadvantaged young people it supports across Lancashire.

Cotton Court Account executive Rochelle Jeffery said:

“Every year we’re blown away by the support that members of the local community show the appeal. It’s a great way for everyone to come together at a special time of year and show the young people that Barnardo’s supports that we care. The appeal asks businesses and members of the public alike to spare a thought for disadvantaged young people in their area this Christmas, by donating a gift that can be opened on Christmas Day.

The appeal has gone from strength to strength and is now in its seventh year, but unfortunately, as momentum for the cause grows, so too has demand. Cotton Court is pushing the campaign especially hard this year, to make sure that no Barnardo’s supported young person is left without a present to open on Christmas Day.

Interviewees also told us that they were very supportive of the cause. If necessary, they will support and contribute to the cause.

We appeal more people to support this activity, so that children can spend a safe and happy Christmas, but also let people feel warm.

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