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Words for a young goal achiever during recruitment mentorship

Hello Medium readers, I feel so excited about my first sharing at Medium ! And let me share a bit of myself introduction here below.

I have been involved into Human Resources and Recruitment sectors across various global organisations for more than 10 years. And most importantly is I am passionate about Real Estate and Technology industry for a long while, and I am also participating some of the Associations which are advocated these sectors locally and globally.

I always finding that the initial recruitment for a new startup is very fascinated. Of course bear in mind that the core value and mission is finding the right candidates for right positions. During my last employment with a newly founded Asset Management firm, assisted the Founder to recruit an IT officer with a quite limited budget (as you all know that nowadays the Tech related talent is very well paid ! ) Coincidently, I was able to find one young talent from a wild search across these named job boards. Being gone through lots of conversations to attract, to understand, to question, to nurture, to fix the complicated employment matters, etc and finally came to ‘Welcome on board’. And that is just the beginning of the journey !

Some highlights of these young talent I would see that he has a relatively strong commitment, knows his strengths and weaknesses, and willing to learn and achieve the goals mentality. And since then I was kind of act as a mentor to this young talent during the recruitment and on boarding, and ensure that he would be part of the value-added to the Company, rather than just a staff to the Company. That serves as the privilege of being founding members for a new startup, if the individuals understand and able to leverage of the ‘value-added’ of themselves to the Company.

Here below is my word to the young talent :

“Thanks for your praising. I hope you carry on achieving your goal day by day, as you are still young that is your biggest gift and advantage to grasp it and make a good use of it.

Everyone has their story, that is what make each individual is so unique and becoming who they are today.

Every job will bring you a new insights and hopefully as well as inspiring you and the others to achieve your next milestones.

Let’s work hard and carry on til tomorrow. Have faith in yourself that you can make it in one day !”

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