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Starting your New Year Resolution from December itself!

This is not about the new year celebrations, it's about the people who want to achieve goals, wants to go to the gym, have a great new year resolution. But often don’t achieve, get distracted, lose hope due to some reason or other.

People start their new year in January. They make plans and goals, some achieve it others don’t. If a certain goal is not achieved people give up easily and they don’t have other goals to achieve in the complete year.

But, What if we start the new year from December (of the current year) itself, rather than starting it from January(of next year)?

Why December is the best month to start?

People all over the world have the same feelings, same holidays, almost the same plans and things to do. People are chilled and relaxed in December, waiting for the new year to come and then will have a fresh start.

But December can be thought of as the one Sample/Test month of the year. You can make all the goals, plans, resolutions for the month and see if you can achieve it or not. Instead of just letting December pass by.


These are the most common goals, but often people give up and never try again.

December is also good because it is full of distractions, there are a lot of holidays, people visit friends and relatives, go on vacation, etc. But these things also happen in our entire year. Going through these distractions and still achieving goals will give you great confidence.

If you have achieved all the goals in this test month, it will be great and you will have a completely new year ahead of you to plan your future goals. If you didn’t achieve the goals, you can analyze what went wrong? What should you do to improve? What were the problems that you faced? And you still have a whole new year to work around.

Now that you have worked so hard for this sample month, a new year celebration is waiting for you at the end of December and the start of the NEW YEAR. Have a great celebration, enjoy the party.

After this sample month, you still have the whole new year remaining. Plan further goals and analyze yourself every month.

I am going to try December as the start of my new year, aren’t you?

Thanks For Reading :)

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