The State of the Knowledge Economy.

The knowledge economy is “An economy in which growth is dependent on the quantity, quality, and accessibility of information.” The knowledge economy is one of the best ways to share real expertise…


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Tired of your budget app? Build your own


Building an app from scratch is not easy, especially if you’re an independent developer. Everyone has an idea they believe will be a great app, but how do you build it? What’s the process? Do you need a large team? Should you just start coding or plan first?

If you’re a developer working with a team, you may have designers, project managers, etc… who handle a lot of the planning for you so you can just focus on the code. This is a great situation to be in, however there are many tools that make it easy for an independent developer to achieve the same results as a team of engineers.

The Goal:

To be clear, the goal of this weekly series is to show how an independent developer, or a team of developers, can build a high quality production application from scratch.

What will we build?

Through the course of this series we will be building a Personal Budget App. This app, when complete, will retrieve your personal transaction history from your bank and compare your expenses with your income and show categories of where your money is being spent.

Our App UI will be an iOS client written in Swift. Our backend logic will be comprised of a number of services all hosted in Microsoft Azure (Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with Azure, I will explain all concepts throughout the weeks to come). We will use a number of tools to make the DevOps really simple for us and allow us to monitor the traffic and any errors the application may have.

About Me:

My name is Paul Riviera, I have been building software applications since I was 12. I have worked in a number of different roles in my career usually as a Software Engineer for various companies. Currently I work as a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft. In my role at Microsoft my focus is on the development of cloud based applications.

I am very excited to build this application with you and demonstrate how some awesome tools and services can be used to build great apps. If you have suggestions throughout the process for features, design or a new app name (because “Personal Budget App” doesn’t quite roll of the tongue) I am certainly open to suggestions.

I will continue these posts each Friday until we have completed a working application, so take a look next week when we get started with designing the application proof of concept.

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