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Okayy!! pada bagian ini kita belajar bareng-bareng tentang tipe data string pada bahasa pemograman golang. Kita bahas juga konsep-konsep dasar string biar science dikit lah!. Apa itu UTF-8? apa itu…


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3 QUICK Social Media Tips for Restaurants to Acquire New Customers

Social media can be quite time consuming. Especially for a restaurant owner. You have many other things to take care of like payrolls; supplies; customer service; customer experience etc. I get it. You may not have the whole time in the world to do social media and see any meaningful results.

However you shouldn’t ignore it. Social Media is now without a doubt the most effective form of marketing. Did you know that there are 2.8 billion global social media users? That’s 37% penetration! Therefore, here are 3 quick strategies you can implement to acquire new customers.

Ever since Instagram stole the idea from Snapchat, it has become a hit. Businesses are benefiting from it every single day.

Use Insta Stories to show appreciation for certain customers. This can be done in many different ways! I’ll give you 2 examples:

Firstly, the customer you have tagged will feel valued and happy. This will make them like you even more and therefore become even more loyal.

Secondly, it provides great social currency for them. They will feel special as you announced their name to your followers, for all to see. This will make them share it with their close friends as they want to show off (we are all guilty of doing it). This may lead to you gaining new customers who already like you before even visiting you!

Thirdly, your other followers will see that you pay attention and value your customers, therefore they may pay you another visit or may recommend you to their friends. Additional customers there too.

Lastly, if you chose a strategy that is similar to the first one mentioned, game mechanics may come into play, with customers competing and enjoying the ‘game’. This is implemented everywhere: Frequent flyer miles, Credit Card levels, Foursquare etc.

Did you know that 52% of UK users turn to Twitter for information about restaurants? That is a massive number which shows you that it is vital for restaurants to be on the platform.

My Twitter tip is this:

Insert yourself in conversations. Start conversations. This is the one platform where you can say anything to anyone, and it won’t look creepy. Find people in your area who are talking about food and start a conversation with them. Give them advice on recipes, give them information about your restaurant, offer them a free dessert. The possibilities are endless. Just talk to them. This way they will be inclined to look up your restaurant, you will be on their mind, and their followers will see you too, which can bring you even more new customers! Don’t you just love social media?

I’m coming back to Instagram, but can you blame me? It’s such a great platform for restaurants!

Here’s my tip for this one:

Now they may decide to take you up on the offer and visit your restaurant! They’ll spend money there and you would have gained yourself a new customer.

If the influencer posts about it when they visit you, it is an opportunity for you to have reached a much bigger audience, maybe in the thousands depending on the influencer. There is a big chance that at least somebody from that audience will visit you, therefore gaining another new customer.

Furthermore, because you are the one who reached out to this influencer with an offer or freebie, and if your food was actually good, they are very likely to eat at your place again!

So you just got yourself at least 1 new customer (most likely even more), all from an offer which has cost you next to nothing.

Using these 3 strategies, you will gain new customers in no time. Share this with others who may find it useful! Thanks for reading :)

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