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How to Remove Snapchat Filter from a Saved Photo?

Snapchat is well-known for its photo-sharing features on a global scale. Despite the fact that it has a wide range of lenses — romantic, comical, adventurous, musical, and many more — there are still occasions when you just want to use your original images. You must take the Snapchat filter off for that. Using a Snapchat filter remover app, you can easily and quickly remove Snapchat filters from images. If you’re considering using a third-party programme on how to remove Snapchat filters, this post is for you.

The idea of altering one’s image is intriguing to everyone, which contributed to Snapchat’s success. Knowing how to remove the Snapchat filter from a saved image is essential if you want to use that particular photo. Images with Snapchat stickers and filters applied cannot be deleted. Nevertheless, while editing a picture on Snapchat, you can remove anything from it. To remove Snapchat filters from saved photographs, utilise editing software. And in this article, we’ll outline the best technique on how to remove filters on Snapchat

One of the most popular social networking platforms, Snapchat, gives users a simple way to communicate commonplace happenings while simultaneously making them seem cool. Snapchat is well recognised for its ephemeral messaging feature, which deletes pictures and videos once they have been seen, but it also lets users add stickers to their snaps. You may add stickers to your images on Snapchat; there are hundreds to choose from.

Snapchat offers more than simply cute images. As you use Snapchat more frequently and rack up more points, your Snapchat score rises. Additionally, you can share your day with the Snap community and keep track of daily streaks. Your snap score will go up, and everyday streaks will result. Additionally, Snapchat forecasts your relationships and friendships with other users.

Before, Snapchat had a special feature called “Magic Eraser” that made it easier to delete the filters from the app. But Snapchat has now permanently removed the function. The app now focuses on new adjustments that may be done to the recently included filters snaps.

You may accomplish this by opening the filter-added photo in the app, tapping the three dots in the top-right corner, and then selecting the Edit Snap option from the pop-up menu. To apply a new filter to your shot, swipe right to left. Additionally, you can experiment with various options to alter the photograph, such as cropping, applying stickers, adding text, and more. Make sure to tap the Export button and then the Download icon to save any changes you’ve made to the image.

Method 1- Remove Filters from Photos on Layers

When taking a picture on Snapchat and adding a filter to make the snap stand out, it might be challenging to select the right filter. In some circumstances, you might even think that using the unaltered original image is the best choice. As a result, Picture on Layers sometimes requires the deletion of filters. Images saved in the Snapchat app can easily have their originality restored by removing any filters that have been applied. In each of these situations, use these steps on how to remove filter from Snapchat images:

- Filters may be added to a picture using Snapchat.

- But in order to get a clear, unaltered image, users might want to take the filters off after applying them. Understanding how to remove filters from photos on layers is essential to ensuring that the final image satisfies the user’s desired requirements.

- To view your stored snaps, open Snapchat on your phone and select the Memories tab. Next, choose and then open the image that you wish to edit.

- For standard filters, click the Layers button at the bottom to erase the filters you want to remove. While taking live pictures, you can swipe the screen to change the filter that is currently being used in your shot.

- To remove the Snapchat effect, click the dark grey circle that says “no filter.”

- Tap the Layers icon, then tap the selected lens layer, to remove the lens layer. Simply touch the trash can icon to remove the layer.

- You may either save the image to your camera roll or share it with your pals on Snapchat after you’ve removed all the required filters.

Method 2: Use Magic Eraser to remove filters from photographs.

You can remove a Snapchat face filter while testing it out if you haven’t locally saved the image. Magic Eraser is able to spot distracting items in your photos, like background people, power lines, and lamp posts, and make suggestions for what you might want to remove. Snap will ask you to confirm your action. Tap on Discard changes to accept and proceed. However, Snapchat’s most recent updates make it impossible to remove filters from images using the Magic Eraser technique.

Filters Removal with Magic Eraser Tool:


Open Snapchat on your smartphone, take a photo or select one from your camera roll. By browsing the filtered Snapchat image, you can save it to your phone and see the scissor icon as seen here:


The Magic Eraser tool is where you should go next. It is situated underneath the scissor icon in the user interface. From the list, select the Magic Eraser symbol.


Select the Magic Eraser from the list by pressing the button, then activate brush mode. Next, brush the item to remove the desired components.


When you’re done using the rubber, Snapchat will instantly remove the filtered elements from the image, allowing you to quickly and simply remove your filters.

There are many funnier and more enjoyable Snapchat filters that improve the appearance of your photos. Yes, you can remove the Snapchat lenses. The software now focuses on new alterations that could be made to the already-taken pictures. Snapchat launched lenses to assist users in enhancing their photos. With Snapchat, pictures are better, and these glasses have become one of its essential features. In order to help you remove the lens from Snapchat, we’ll walk you through the process step by step.

Step 1: Lock the Lens

On Snapchat, start by locking the lens. By touching and holding on to the camera view, the lens can be fixed in place.

Step 2: Open the Lens Studio

Swiping left or right until you find the Smiling Face with Scissors icon, then touching on it, will take you to the Lens Studio.

STEP 3: Take the Lens Off

After choosing the Lens information in the following step, select the Remove Lens option as displayed above. Once there, simply select the Remove Lens button to exit the dialogue box.

Previously, Snapchat had a unique function called “Magic Eraser” that made removing the filters from the app simpler. However, Snapchat has since permanently removed the feature. However, there are a few methods for quickly erasing Snapchat filters from previously saved images.

AniEraser, a Snapchat filter remover app excels in removing objects from photos. One-click uninstallation is available for this application. Simply upload your photo, select the appropriate object removal tool, and use it to instantly remove the Snapchat filter from the images you want to remove it from. Use the repair tool to quickly and precisely remove small items from your photographs, including filters and lenses, as well as dust, flaws, or spots in the portrait.

Key characteristics:

- Simple to use; removal of filters from any image or video does not require expertise.

- It has a sizable selection of object removal options.

- The backdrop may be blended naturally while objects can be swiftly removed.

- The size and power of the brush may be simply changed to remove things from photos perfectly.

How to Remove Filters and Stickers from Snapchat?

STEP 1: Download and run AniEraser on your iPhone.

On your iOS device, go to the App Store and download the app. Once the AniEraser programme has been installed, run it by selecting the “Video Object Remover” button from the program’s opening window. You can browse your file directory and choose the video file you wish to modify.

STEP 2: Apply the “Object Removal”

As soon as your video has been successfully uploaded, go to the selection area tab and mark the region where the object should be deleted. The object you want to remove from the movie can now be selected by clicking and dragging in the brush tool area. Simply click the Remove Objects Now button, and AniEraser will analyse the video and automatically add background pixels to the selected area as shown here:

STEP 3: Watch the Video and Download It to Your Device

Use the “Play” button in the preview box to watch the modified version of the video. The produced video can then be saved by selecting the “Save Video to Camera Roll” button in the AniEraser window’s lower-right corner.

In a Nutshell

In conclusion, it is a simple and quick process to delete Snapchat’s filters and stickers. Whether you wish to remove them from your own snaps or from snaps that you have received from others, the procedures are the same and only require a few clicks. To quickly remove unwanted objects, people, or text from your photographs, whether it’s a blemish or a bystander in the background, you need a Snapchat filter remover app.

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