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Motivations and Business Processes Analysis as a preparatory Step in the Replacement of an Enterprise Software System


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How to set up the Particl QT wallet and enable staking!

This is a tutorial that will explain you how to set up the Particl-QT wallet and unlock it for staking! This tutorial is for windows (32bit) system only! The Virtual Machine I used to set this up has a “Dutch” language setting so this could be different to your local settings!

2. Click on the particl- link and download the QT wallet!

3. Open the Download folder on your machine and double click on “particl-”.

4. Click Next.

5. Browse and select a folder were you wish to install the QT wallet! By default it will install into C:\Program Files\Particl and click Next.

6. Click Install and continue.

7. After a succesfull install you need to click Next.

8. Click Finish to complete the install.

9. Click on “Use a personal datafolder” to save all Particl data and click OK.

10. Here you can write down your private keys or Recovery Phrase to import an excisting wallet. If you do NOT have a wallet follow step 11.

11. Click on Generate, now you NEED to carefully write down every word in the exact same sequence as shown above!! This is the ONLY way to recover your funds if your computer crashes or gets stolen. My advise is to write this down on a piece of paper AND copy-paste these keys to a “word” document and store this document on a encrypted USB drive!

12. Copy-paste your new created “Recovery Phrase” into the import box and click Import.

13. Your wallet will automaticlly download the complete Partcil Blockchain, this can take some time -coffee break!!

14. Encrypt your wallet this is a important step because we dont want someone who has physical access to your machine to steal your precious $PART tokens! You can do this by cicking on the settings tab and click on encrypt wallet.. So write this down carefully and backup the encryption key in a safe and simular way as explained in step 11.

15. Click Yes.

16. Click OK. After clicking on OK your wallet will automaticlly shut down.

17. Go over to the Particl Install folder and run the “particl-qt” wallet by double clicking on it!

18. Now we are going to Backup our wallet for extra security. (Can’t be too safe right?). We do this by clicking on the File tab and click “Backup Wallet”.

19. Enter a Filename to your .dat file and press Save.

20. To start staking, double click on the padlock downright of the screen. Enter your encryption key you created in step 14, be sure to check the box Unlock for Staking Only and press OK. When everything goes well the Padlock should change colour orange! Congratulations you are now the proud owner of a Particl-QT wallet and contributing to the Particl Network!

Coffee me some PART:

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