Benefits of Hiring an Oklahoma Immigration Lawyer

The United States immigration laws are quite strict and there are several federal agencies in charge of the immigration process. If you are facing immigration-related issues, you need an experienced…


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Welcome to Smoke Town!

This is a radio/audio drama designed, written, and programmed by me as a piece of performance art.

Last year, I became fascinated with the large number of “robot” voices built into my Macintosh computer. Since the voices cannot express emotion, I was curious whether it was possible to use create tension in a dramatic format in order to contextualize human emotion via these voices.

This is the result.

(doorbell rings)

Susan: I hope I’m not too late.

Kenny: No. You’re just in time. Come on in and take off your coat.

Susan: Thanks.

Kenny: Thank you for coming, everybody. I know it’s raining pretty hard outside, but it looks like we all made it safe and sound.

Stephen: Thank you for inviting us, Kenny.

Kenny: I’m happy you made it, Stephen. As you can see, we’re a little crowded, so please roll your wheelchair over there.

Stephen: You cannot put me in the corner. This is an outrage. I am the Cambridge Professor of Black Hole Mathematics.

Juan: Yo creo que el profesor rollando merece ser tratado mejor.

Fiona: This is truly ridiculous.

Sheila: For god’s sakes. Stephen, no one is trying to put you in the corner, metaphorically.

Stephen: Yes, just literally.

Alex: Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.

Stephen: Fine. (sound of wheelchair rolling) Everyone happy now?

Kenny: Ah, yes. Now, let’s begin.

Lord Wittington: Sorry to interrupt.

Kenny: Yes, what is it, my Lord Wittington?

Lord Wittington: I’m afraid that I need to freshen up first. I have traveled far and am feeling unfresh.

Kenny: Fine, very well. Anyone else need to take care of their personal business?

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