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21 of the Healthiest Snacks You Can Buy at Costco

Costco can be very intimidating and overwhelming with their mega-aisles of products. You could literally get lost in that store. The fear of not making it all the way through the store before your kids lose their patience and run wild and free is real. That’s why you are reading this post. You want a simple list of healthy foods without having to stand in each aisle trying to figure out how much sugar something contains, or whether it has added dyes or flavors. I’ve already done that for you. Here is a list of 21 of the healthiest snacks you can at Costco.

I run a tight ship at our house and I try to keep our snacks clean. By clean, I mean no artificial color, dyes or flavors. My kids don’t need that crap and neither do I. They get their occasional dose of “crap-food” outside of the home (at the movie theater, birthday parties, holiday parties, etc) so I want the food they get at home or that comes out of our home to be as healthy as possible.

The snacks I buy at Costco:

1. Organic Valley String Cheese

I like to keep my dairy selection organic at the minimum. Organic dairy is made without antibiotics, hormones, and the animals are fed organic feed. “You are what you eat” does not only apply to humans. What animals are eating and taking into their bodies directly affects the foods we eat.

Individually wrapped cheese sticks are perfect for throwing into lunches, purses, and backpacks for extra protein and a satisfying snack.

Don’t be afraid of the large bag of 20 sticks, they last a long time in the fridge (unless you have many very hungry children!)

2. RxBars

First of all, having less than 8–10 ingredients is usually a great way to judge a snack. But even better, you can pronounce all of these ingredients and you could (in theory) make this at home. Those two facts are signs that this is a real food item!

The sugar content is slightly high for a “snack” but the source of the sugar is from dates, so not so bad! Also, the sugar is well balanced with protein and healthy fats.

RxBars also come in kids sizes! Same principals of few ingredients and real food used to make them, only they are smaller. You can find both at Costco.

3. Wholly Guacamole individual mini packages

Enjoy delicious guacamole anytime, anywhere with raw veggies, Terra chips (see below), whole grain chips, on a slice of toast or crackers, or with a boiled egg. The possibilities are endless when you can just grab n’ go with these organic healthy snacks.

4. Perfect Bar

Perfect Bars are perfect for after workout snacks or when you need breakfast on the go. These bars are packed with protein, are sweetened with honey or dates, are gluten-free, and contain 20 expertly hidden superfoods.

Be sure to pop them in the fridge when you get home! This is a real food with no preservatives.

Another great bar I have found at Costco in the past that is very similar to this bar is called Wella bar. Keep your eyes open for that one as well!

5. Kirkland Organic Hummus single-serve cups

Most kids and adults will eat more vegetables when they can dip them in something. Break these bad boys out for lunches, appetizers, picnics or a midnight snack. Even better, have a container of prepped raw veggies in the fridge to accompany the hummus. (This act alone might deter you from the perusing the cupboard with the chips…)

Similar to the guacamole, the foods you could pair with hummus is vast. Raw veggies, vegetable chips, whole grain chips, as a spread on bread, and more. Just dip it.

6. Go Raw Sprouted Sunflower Seeds

Sometimes you can find the Go Raw sunflower seeds, sometimes it’s Go Raw Sprouted Pumpkin seeds at Costco. Either way, you are getting a delicious and nutritious snack at a great price.

You can sprout your own seeds at home, but it takes time. If you are already feeling pressed for time, why not take advantage of someone else doing it for you?

Sprouting seeds reduces the phytic acid making the seed more digestible and increases the amount of protein.

Take these seeds anywhere for a little energy boost throughout the day, add them to lunches or sprinkle them on salads.

7. Terra Vegetable Chips

For those of you abstaining from grains or gluten, these are the chips for you. Terra chips are also a nice way to sneak extra vegetables and fiber into your diet.

A great way to enjoy Terra chips (besides straight out of the bag) is dipped in guacamole or hummus (you can pair it with the previously listed products!), as a base for nachos, or with my healthy homemade ranch dip recipe.

8. Aussie Bites

I might be pushing the “snack” category with this one. In actuality, it’s more like a cookie but oh so healthy! In fact, I call it a “cookie” and my kids think they are getting a treat as they gobble down flax seeds and quinoa!

We love to put this in their lunchboxes as a “treat” as it abides by most “nut-free” school rules (unless they ask for no coconut).

9. True Story Organic Oven Roasted Turkey Breast single serving packs

Inside the bigger bag, the turkey slices come in individual packs of about 8–10 small circular slices. I’ve grabbed one of these packages, a cheese stick and an apple in desperate situations running out the door. But with some planning ahead (not my strong suit) you can add these to lunches, shred on salads, or just enjoy with some cheese and crackers.

Convenience, convenience, convenience! Also, organic!

10. Kirkland Organic Seaweed Snacks

Again, I’m not thrilled that these seaweed snacks contain sunflower oil, but the alternatives are often so cost prohibitive that many people won’t buy them. With these, at least you are getting a good dose of trace minerals.

And…this is how you eat it 😂

11. Coconut Clusters

Coconut Clusters are deliciously healthy and slightly sweet. Packed with three super nutritious seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, and chia) as well as coconut you can eat them alone, sprinkle on yogurt, hot cereal or over salads.

Being gluten, egg, butter, and wheat free, these snacks are a great option for Paleo and Vegan families.

12. Whisps Cheese Crisps

If you like cheese and you like chips then you should definitely try this snack! I especially like to have Whisps on hand when refrigeration is an issue (as it is with fresh cheese). They make a great snack on the trail, in lunches, or as a snack to stash in an “emergency” bag in the car.

13. Pure Organic Fruit and Nut bar

If you are familiar with Lara bars, then you will find this bar a close cousin. Gluten-free, organic, and with only a few ingredients, I am a big fan!

Offer one of these bars to your children next time they want a snack after sporting games or practice. Stash one in your purse for later…you never know when those “hangry” moments will descend upon you. These bars also make great travel snacks.

14. Rise Almond Honey Protein Bar

Have you been looking at the previous snacks hoping for some with more protein? Well, here you go.

With only 3 ingredients, you can’t get much simpler than this one in the world of bars. Another plus for this bar is that it is sweetened with honey instead of cane sugar!

15. Pacific Gold Original Grass-fed Beef Jerky

Annnnnnd, more protein! Sometimes, you have days when you just need a healthy, quick, and easy version of protein on the go. This is it! With no preservatives and made with meat from grass-fed beef, you can rest easy knowing you are fueling your body with clean food.

Our family also loves taking good quality beef jerky like this one on hikes, in lunches, and for traveling.

16. Organic Lentil with Turmeric Crackers

With a three seed blend, lentils and turmeric, this gluten-free cracker is delicious and nutritious. My favorite way to enjoy these crackers is with cream cheese and smoked salmon on top. (salivating over here already….)

17. Nature’s Garden Organic Trail Mix Snack Packs

Next time you are wondering what to bring for when it is your turn to provide “snacks” after a sports game for a team full of kids, consider this bag of 24 individually packaged trail mix snacks. Filled with healthy fats and protein from the nuts and fiber from the dried fruit you are providing a well-balanced snack. If you need to consider nut-allergies, then bring a selection of this bag along with another nut-free option.

These trail mix packs also make great additions to your packing list for camping. Trail mix for the trail!

18. Organic Whole Cashews (or any other organic nut that is unsalted and unroasted!)

Nuts can be eaten as a stand-alone snack, mixed with dried fruit, sprinkled over yogurt and granola or salads, or incorporated into your baking and cooking. Basically, they are useful for a variety of different ways to eat healthily.

The reason I don’t recommend roasted and salted nuts is that roasting at high heat can actually harm the delicate fats in nuts and make them rancid. As for salted nuts, most of us get far too much sodium in our diets from packaged foods already. If you want to eat roasted and salted nuts, buy the raw version, soak them and roast them at home, and then add any flavors or sea salt that you want. That is a much healthier way to preserve the healthy fats and not overdo the sodium.

19. Lara Bars

With only 5 ingredients or less, these bars are clearly made from real food with ingredients you can actually pronounce and find in your own kitchen.

My kids love to eat these after sports practice instead of some of the other “snacks” that I often see that are loaded with added sugar, artificial dyes & flavors, and calories devoid of nutrition.

If you looked in my purse right now, you would likely find a Lara bar, or at least a mini Lara bar.

20. Made in Nature Kale Chips

I usually make my own kale chips, but sometimes life gets cray cray and Momma’s gotta cut corners. I have zero guilt using this packaged food to cut corners. Can I hear three cheers for this healthy snack?

If you do want to make your own kale chips, it’s actually really easy.

21. Gimme Organic Roasted Seaweed Chips with Brown Rice

If you like Gimme’s seaweed snacks, you will love these! Add them to lunches, dip them in guacamole or hummus, or throw them in your bag for a picnic at the park. These chips are a well-balanced healthy snack for all ages.

I have found so many more healthy snacks at Costco that are not on this list. As you probably know, Costco warehouses regularly change the products for sale. Furthermore, each location varies quite a bit. I’ve added additional snacks here to keep your eyes open for that also qualify as “the healthiest snacks you can buy at Costco”.

What will you add to your next shopping list?

Now you have a great list of healthy snacks to choose from for your next Costco trip. I’ve already done the investigative work for you. All you need to do is choose which snacks you and your family will try next!

Happy healthy snacking,


Leah is a Certified Nutrition Consultant who will talk your ear off about bone broth, Vitamin D, kale or any other topic that is related to wellness. Her love for blogging about health topics keeps her in front of a screen for a good chunk of her days but otherwise, she can be found upside down in downward dog, running the beautiful hills in the San Francisco Bay Area, making a homemade dinner with her hubby or chasing after two amazing boys.

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