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The Anti-Success

Image by Despina Galani via Unsplash

That was tough to want to even consider comprehending. What gives me the right to stir those kinds of thoughts and terrible emotions in your head? Pitchforks and torches arise.

First of all, this article is more about what you might need vs what you might want.

Second, there is simplicity in this concept.

Finally, there’s a message that you might not be willing to hear at this point. That’s ok. When the timing works, remember the message.

About a week and a half ago, I took a day of PTO.

Ok…? Big whoop.

I started spring cleaning. South Central Texas has a few ‘springs’ during the months of November and December. Full transparency, it was a cooler day.

My family of 4 has a great starter home. We have enough counter and storage space, but it seems to never be enough.

There was a realization that about 1/8 of the main kitchen counter area had this image of ‘being kept clean’. Another way to say this: the absolute tornado of a dumpster fire doodoo sandwich, that constituted almost 90% of area where we could potentially set down items, felt like it too was untouchable.

There was this fear that since there was a designated clean area, that if anything messy touched it, the world could potentially begin to tear apart at the seams (think 2012 movie).

Shortly after, there was an effort to pull most items out and start grouping them together.

Let me tell you, we have about 6k hours worth of smell good items (candles, wax, air sprays, the works), about 20k hours worth of handheld lighting, and a whole heap of dollar sunglasses.

So many smells!

Even though most of the floor in the kitchen and immediate areas near the entrances were covered in a lot of items, there was a sense of relief seeing a system and breaking the first step barrier. The monster’s tough scaly skin had been pierced! The villagers had hope!

Life is not as linear as we’d all like to think. There are small systems that aggregate into larger systems. There are daily (weekday only or every single day), weekly, and whatever level you can imagine types of systems. There are systems for different environments we might encounter.

But isn’t it JUST (a whole new article needed for the word ‘just’) keeping a kitchen counter clean?

Some items stay on the counter for a week or so, bread for example. Other items are fairly anchored, the stacked cubish type storage buckets. Guess what: the rest of the property is like this!

Some times of year require weekly mowings while others might be monthly. Windows need to have new caulk applied, but not every day or month.

Life is complex AND life should be as simple as possible. Systems can help an individual get a much better grasp on things.

A major focus of most systems (we’re not all sending rockets into space or cutting into someone’s brain) should be centered around the fact that perfection will almost certainly lead to:

Sometimes the clutter isn’t on your kitchen counter. Sometimes it’s another room, sometimes it’s your mental clutter, and sometimes it may be your routine habits (that sum up to YOU as a whole).

Something that could possibly be written in stone: When you feel like the ONLY two options are perfection OR that horrible covered with burnt hair smelling, as awkward as a politics discussion at a drunken Thanksgiving disaster, then you’ll probably not only fail in that instance, you might also continue to fail as you may not be able to learn and grow.

Sick feeling in stomach begin…aaaaand then go away 0.00000013 seconds later because the realization that getting to this sentence in this random article is already a small change and that feels awesome.

Let it go! Let it go! Drop an egg on the kitchen floor without cursing the world, make an organized mess, and get out there, with an odd sense of confidence and charisma, and shake things up!

And as always, keep on learnin’!

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