Building the impossible

Time Travel debugging is one of those fun problems that in theory is impossible and in practice is nearly impossible. Time-travel debugging requires recording the runtime and replaying it…


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Field Project Week 2

The reason why this week was so productive was because I had been working on getting this working for almost 3 weeks and it finally works … sort of. When I click the button that should launch the modal, the screen turns gray and loses focus, but the modal does not show up. Currently the modal’s z-index is at the very back so it is not visible, after messing with HTML in Chrome’s console it does appear. What I need to do next week is figure out how to make the modal show up with a function that my boss wrote and is using elsewhere. The functions that he is using is:

I cannot figure out how to implement this into the code from the website earlier so I need to do some fiddling.

Something that I hadn’t written about before was that 2 weeks ago (before this class started) I was involved in rewiring the office for fiber-optic internet which was very interesting. Also when we were switching the internet over completely I was involved in that.

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