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Justeleen in the Verdelle 2.0 Gown

A GLL woman to me is someone who is confident and unique. A bride who is willing to stray away from the stereotypical bridal look and go for something that hasn’t been done before.

Simple, Relaxed, and Unique.

TJ staged the entire thing as part of our celebration of our 4 year dating anniversary. We showed up to Laguna Beach after a day of celebrating since he had convinced me that one of our best friends was going to take photos of us as an anniversary gift. He also convinced me that my remaining gifts were going to be at the shoreline. Once we got down to the beach, he unveiled his “big gift” to me which was a pallet with multiple pictures of myself and us throughout our dating relationship. He then began to read me a letter that he said was a small part of my gift and ended it with telling me to close my eyes because it was time for my “anniversary gift”. I opened my eyes to find him down on one knee asking me to marry him.

The goal for our wedding day was to make Jesus the centre of it. The most important aspect to us was ultimately to make all of our guest to feel special. We chose to have a big wedding because it was super important for us to have all of the people there who helped form and shape us into who the people we are today.

There wasn’t anything in specific that was “funny” throughout the day but the entire day was full of laughter and happiness due to our amazing bridal party. There was nothing but laughs and joy throughout the entire day, especially on our dance floor!

I never really got stressed at any point! We had a 6 month engagement which made it possible for me to break up all of the planning. I dedicated one full day of planning every 2–3 weeks, which made the process not stressful.

I think the best advice that I can share is to simply be healthy + who you are and not to get caught up in feeling like you have to look a certain way on your wedding day. I feel like if you focus on just your health and well being, it’ll all fall into place and it’ll also be one less thing to stress out about!

Remember this day happens once in a lifetime. Have fun, laugh, take your time getting ready, don’t allow the day to just fade away in a rush. It can get so easy to become caught up in the little details like decorations, that you forget what the day is about! Ultimately, when you’re in the moment, none of those things end up mattering. You’re marrying your best friend and there’s no greater joy than knowing you won’t have to go a day without them, ever again.

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