Ode To A Blemished Self

The sliver of the life trickles down the cold bars, slides down and blinds me to the point where I see clearly. I the sun stifled and perspiring in the muddy palms of the village-lad. I the pebble…


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Why we become stupid as we grow old.

We all are into it.

Children have the highest energy and I can’t deny that any more. My 3 month old son has the capacity to exhaust all four family members by playing whole day and still be awake at night while all four of us are asleep.

That being said, they also have more creativity. There’s nothing like Seven Wonders of the World in child’s eye. Whatever they see is the wonder.

I also had the same energy and curiosity when I was a small kid. I was very active in outdoor sports, I had new ideas every day, I looked at everything object with curiosity.

I studied because I liked it not because I had to. I also questioned things.

But now things are different.

I am lazy. I have less and less ideas every day. I have almost zero curiosity. I work because I have to not because I want to and I have stopped questioning things.

Why this sudden transition? I asked myself.

I didn’t get the answer.

But then, I looked deeper and found that this was not a sudden transition.

It was a reflection of what society taught me and what I accepted since years that results in the lazy me.

Why I became lazy?

I used to play in sunlight whole day and then come home tired and eat heavy food to get energy. I loved that feeling.

Then, I went to boarding school and focused on studies and played less. Why? Because the focus was more on studies and less on playing.

Then my habit of playing outdoor sports decreased severely. In college, I hanged around a lot with friends but played less. And after that with a full time job in three shifts, it was very difficult to pick up the habit of exercising.

Why can’t we install the habit of exercising right from childhood like brushing your teeth?

Why I get fewer ideas with every passing day?

From the childhood, we were taught to be obedient to stupid people. Just be obedient even if there’s no reason to because we were bribed with marks in school for being obedient.

Even in job, the toughest part is to be nice to stupid people.

What happens then? You spend your life trying to please those people. And in this process, you lose your creativity because you have to do useless work just to please those people.

When I get less creative, I also get less curious as to why things happen because I know there’s no point to finding the answer when it will not make a difference to your life.

After this routine continues, you work because you have to not because you want to.

And this cycle continues till one day you realize you don’t have any more time to pursue your dreams.

At any point in your life when you feel that, remember that we were not like that since our childhood. We were being shaped into who we are today. But it’s up to us to not accept that way of life taught by society.

Picasso rightly said that. “Every child is an artist. The problem is staying artist when you grow up.”

True freedom comes when you get up in the morning excited because you want to work because want to make a difference in this world.

Are you working to earn that freedom?

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