Amazing Benefits Of Apple For Health Care

1. Apples could facilitate weight loss. If you’ve been making an attempt each diet attainable however aren’t seeing any results, add apples to the list of foods that you just eat. Some sources…


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Six Times Culture Collided with the Atlanta Startup Ecosystem

A familiar sentiment amongst locals and transplants alike is that Atlanta is on the cusp of greatness. This is true of our local startup scene as well, with great university talent, increasing involvement from corporations, and new entrepreneurial programs helping founders scale their ideas.

Luckily, over the past decade we are increasingly seeing the collide. Here’s a list of six instances in which Atlanta has caught glimpses of what it could be — a world where Atlanta influences everything.


The startup community can’t grow without those dedicated to helping tell the story about what’s happening. Increasingly, we are seeing the leaders of Atlanta’s cultural class take it upon themselves to be a voice for innovation and entrepreneurship at home and abroad.


One simple (and less financially risky) way for athletes and entertainers to get involved in the startup ecosystem is through partnerships and promotion. This offers startups a way for them to generate press and market awareness by leveraging the established brands of these celebrities: a win, win.


Interested in diving further into Atlanta and the intersection of culture and technology? Check out these recommended readings below:

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