Hukum dalam kacamataku.

Negara Indonesia adalah negara hukum seperti termaktub dalam UU pasal 1 ayat 3. Menurut saya hukum hadir untuk melindungi dari kesewenang-wenangan baik antara kaum bourjouis dan kaum proletar, atau…


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Squawks of Excitement

My first-born hit a big milestone yesterday. She rolled from her back to her tummy and back again. She did this one day shy of being three months old. Goodbye to swaddling. It’s was pretty incredible seeing her accomplish this feat after weeks of air kicks and twisting her torso to build up for this moment. Now it’s all she wants to do. When she turns over it’s still a bit surprising as she sends out squawks of excitement, uncertainty, and accomplishment.

Learning how to rollover helps me put into perspective the adventure of trying to bootstrap an idea. The uncertainty of what your idea will become, and who it will resonate with is a bit overwhelming at times, but you must keep pressing on doing air kicks and leg lifts, learning what you is possible along the way. In time, you’ll begin to see how different activities you have to do in starting a business (talking with customers, testing potential solutions, coding, debugging, marketing, business planning) all come together into a squawk of excitement as you begin to see your idea come to live and how it helps make your customer’s lives easier!

We’ve been busy working on TeamFloe and are getting excited to get in your hands. Sign up on our website if you are interested in beta testing.

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