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Three Hiking Trails in Mount Tamalpais State Park

The head of regulatory affairs and market access at San Francisco-based PellePharm, Alix Alderman resides in the Marin County community of Kentfield, where she enjoys spending her free time exploring local nature with family. One of Alix Alderman’s favorite activities is hiking, and the Kentfield resident enjoys convenient access to Mount Tamalpais State Park, a local hiking destination that boasts more than 200 miles of trails. Mount Tam’s many hiking options include:

Rock Springs

This 3.5-mile mostly flat loop starts at the Rock Springs parking lot and leads hikers through picturesque foliage and coastal views along the Cataract and Coastal Trails. Mostly shaded and with minimal elevation gain in Mt. Tam’s watershed, Rock Springs attracts visitors looking for only a moderate ~1 hour hike, and dogs are welcome on the Cataract trail.

Dipsea-Steep Ravine Loop

More challenging is the 4.6-mile Dipsea-Steep Ravine Loop, beginning from the Pantoll Campground parking area with a shady hike down the Old Mine Trail, heading toward Lone Tree Spring into a young redwood forest, and finishing with a steady climb back up the Steep Ravine Trail. As a reward, hikers enjoy beautiful scenery, including the towering redwoods, cascades and pools in the canyon, and panoramic views of the Pacific Coast.

Verna Dunshee Summit Trail

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