The Importance Of An Annual Eye Test

Contrary to what most believe, eye examinations don’t just tell you whether you need glasses. They can also detect underlying eye conditions and other health problems. Everyone needs regular eye…


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That was the sound

when the wall come down —

we were orphaned


somewhere to drown.

Unlit unfit unworried unhurried

we walked through the yards like

cold birds hopping sorry.

I’m sorry to be here

(the sight of this theft)

I’m sorry the chapel’s

so far to the left.

If you want just to sit now and

close both your eyes —

my disguise

it has changed since

my last disguise.

But it is no better

the warnings of

leather are see through as

layers of gauze.

But sooner or later I’ll think

something greater

than just my new job is the cause.

Have I been the cause of any your

worry, the trigger of any mistake?

I’ve spent so much time

just to skirt any crime that

my body or breathing might make.

But with every new gash

there’s a flight and a crash

where we were together and crossed.

And the cost must concede and we

have to believe in the paradox

paradise lost.

Unworried unhurried

my dear take your time

you’re never and always arriving.

Where the music is free and the

tormentors flee and you’re like a

child to dying.

In any case dear

I’ll take back my hand see

I wouldn’t want it displaced.

But may I look on

as you finish your song

conducting a life

into place?

And if I could give you the good then I would

but dear I would first have to find it.

It’s only a glimpse

amidst falling chips

(in a house that is ever divided)

and an even desire ignited.

But if you hold some of mine

I’ll hold some of yours

and somehow the load becomes lighter.

But never surrender your own fighting force

or the strength and the space of your fire.

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