100 Women Making Angola Safe

Inspired by the recent Now This profile of The HALO Trust’s work to build a team of 100 women deminers in Angola, I caught up with Chris Pym and Rachel Boddy for a 60 second interview to find out…


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My Only Flaw Is That I Am a Perfectionist

I really enjoy when I ask someone (not necessarily during an interview) what is their greatest flaw and they answer: “I am a perfectionist!” They say it like it’s a curse that has taken over him/her and cannot be undone, at the same time trying to pull out something good as being bad and vice versa.

It’s like saying “The bride was beautiful, but rich!”

Perfectionism is actually a method through which we put pressure on ourselves by having the illusion we are doing things in a perfect way, not necessarily that we are going to become perfect.

It’s normal to have high standards, to wish to achieve many things as good as we can. However, when the objectives are hard to reach or you need to put in an unreasonable amount of effort, perfectionism may have a negative impact.

The perfectionist’s attributes, with their good and bad sides:

Being a perfectionist helps a lot in reaching objectives “your way”. In time, you realize that this comes along with a lot of side-effects and you have to clearly set priorities.

As a conclusion, I won’t recommend to be indifferent, but also not to go completely the other way. You should be able to make a difference between the good parts and bad parts of perfectionism, as one can find other approaches from “all or nothing”.

Good luck (im)perfectioning!

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