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The Nova City Islamabad, is a forthcoming and arising land lodging project in the government capital. Essentially, this lodging society is created to give a focal area between twin urban communities…


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How to sell successfully from a remote location

remote selling techniques

Since we have recently come out of a pandemic that has made people get used to online.

manage remote employees

From shopping to ordering food, people have got obsessed with online. Because of this, most of the companies have, and many are looking forward to, shifting their business online. When companies start working online, their employees have to operate geographically dispersed teams, which is not very easy to manage. while doing this employer has so many questions in front of him like;

remote selling tools

According to research, 74% of remote workers think they are less likely to leave their firms. 23% of workers say that they work longer hours than on-site. More than 50% of remote employees feel disconnected from office employees. 22% of remote employees report that unplugging after work is difficult. 19% of remote employees report loneliness as their biggest challenge. Despite all these challenges, an employee has to attain their target. A big question is how to attend to a specific target with a remote sales team to achieve monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals.

Now we will discuss how they work and how to do successful selling from a remote area.

It’s a myth that if the sales team is remote, they will not be fully functioning, even though we can say they can be more productive than ever before. Let’s see how;

Some benefits of remote working are:


Undoubtedly selling online is not as easy as it is said; it includes great challenges. But we can’t deny that you can do twice as much business when you have an online store or sell from a remote location. So it is worth investing in e-commerce, and if you are looking for a one-stop eCommerce solution to start an online store, we are here to help you!


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